Your Retirement and Your Family

Saving for retirement, putting kids through college, paying off the mortgage, keeping up with monthly bills – will there be enough money for us when we want to retire? How do we make sure we don’t outlive our money? If something happens to me now, can my family carry on without my income? When faced with many complex options, delegating to experts can help you maximize your wealth while minimizing risks.


Is Anything Wrong with Your Estate Plan? Here are 5 Common Mistakes

When's the last time you updated your will? Could your beneficiaries have changed? If you have a trust, did you actually fund it? Is your plan ready for the new SECURE Act? Bud Boland addresses five mistakes you don't want to make.



A Retirement Withdrawal Strategy for Millionaires

When retirees have $1 million or more in assets, they have a lot of options. But they also have a lot of decisions.  Lisa Brown shares with how the way in which you tap your assets in retirement can have long-term tax consequences for you and for your heirs. 


house and keys

Buying Your Dream Retirement Home - Think Before You Leap

The wrong home, or the wrong place, can undo a lot of the retirement saving and planning you've worked so hard to achieve. Brighworth's Lisa Brown discusses the lifestyle and financial questions to consider before committing a large amount of retirement cash into a house.


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