Geoff Bernard

Senior Systems Analyst

Operations & Administration

Geoff joined Brightworth officially in 2020 and is the driving force behind Brightworth's technical projects. His technical expertise and ability to understand each person's needs provides Brightworth's team with the tools to succeed.

Geoff has 30 years of professional IT experience where he worked in both the public and private sectors.After receiving a Commodore 64 as a gift, he was immediately enthralled with the power of technology.
He works hand in hand with the Director of IT to implement projects on Brightworth's infrastructure roadmap. With an eagerness for technology and security, Geoff's skill set helps keep employees safe and customer's data protected. He holds multiple IT certifications and is always striving to learn more.

Born in the state of Louisiana, he still enjoys the things so vitally important to the Cajun culture - food and family. Outside of technology, he enjoys cooking, camping, traveling, and playing the drums. During the summer, you'll find him on his boat. Geoff and his wife have 4 children (one adopted), one grandchild, and plenty of pets.

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