Dean Harbry, PCC

President | Chief Operating Officer

Operations & Administration

Dean is Brightworth’s Chief Operating Officer and has a long history of work assignments in the financial services arena. After a long stint overseas, Dean began his corporate career at the Bank of Ireland where he worked with the stateside Bank CFO in mergers and acquisitions. He was later recruited to work as the principal in charge of technology at Ronald Blue & Co., a large fee-only financial planning and investment management firm, with central offices in Atlanta.

His interests lie in the science of professional management, corporate culture and human incentives. Since 2003, he both established and has led an executive coaching and management consulting firm with clients from the financial services sector, real estate, business intelligence, sales and marketing, technology and media. He’s also spent a bit of time coaching and consulting in the global nonprofit space. Having partnered with a variety of organizational leaders from many walks of life, he is now using that knowledge and experience to develop, grow and scale Brightworth as a company.

Dean started his undergraduate education at the University of the Nations in Sussex England and later received a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management. His post-graduate studies include executive coaching training where he received the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential, and he has also progressed in a PhD program entitled “Professional Coaching and Human Development.”

Dean lives in the city of Atlanta with his wife Janet. They have four married children and seven grandchildren, who all live in close proximity to each other. Both Dean and Janet are avid runners – Dean has completed 22 marathons to date. They are Orthodox Christians and attend St. John the Wonderworker, located in Grant Park, where they participate in a homeless feeding program.

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