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Once you know where you want to go, you need a strategy to get you there. Brightworth emphasizes comprehensive financial planning, as our team of experts builds custom strategies to address your unique priorities, resources, and values.


Our advisors develop a deep understanding of your company's compensation plans, stock options, restricted stock plans, and qualified/non-qualified benefits plans. We then integrate these key components with your comprehensive financial strategy.


Our advisors will help you develop a plan to strategically position your business and your ownership structure to prepare for transition or sale. We work in harmony with your other trusted advisors to help ensure that income and estate taxes are minimized while your personal wealth, your family legacy, and your charitable vision are maximized.


Our advisors are here to help you confidently transition to the next phase of life with strategic retirement planning. Based on the specifics of your situation, we design an appropriate asset allocation strategy to coordinate your sources of income across all cash and investment accounts (trusts, IRAs, compensation plans, etc.). Plus, we'll help to steer through critical decisions around Social Security and Medicare planning. We also help you determine how to maximize total return and minimize taxes according to your specific situation.


We’ll design a sophisticated investment portfolio to build and preserve your wealth for the future. A sound investment strategy is the cornerstone to building and preserving wealth, and it is a means to accomplishing your goals. We provide an objective Global Investment Solution and we have access to world-class institutional investment managers.


We understand both business and individual tax laws that impact you so we can help minimize taxes and increase your after-tax wealth. Our advisors understand tax laws and other elements that impact your tax return so we can help you find ways to keep taxes as low as possible today and in the future. We provide proactive income tax planning related to compensation, investments, savings, and cash flow strategies while coordinating the details with your CPA.


A tax-efficient saving and investment strategy can be created and monitored to help you pay for college, which is often one of our client's most important goals. Our advisors work with you to determine how to plan for higher education expenses taking into account your resources and other financial goals. We develop customized strategies that include how much should be saved, how the funds should be invested, and how investments should be titled if financial aid eligibility down the road is an important factor.


We can review your insurance coverages to help protect you and your family from life’s unexpected events. We can work with your attorney, insurance specialist, and other professionals to develop a risk management and asset protection plan. Key areas include life, health, disability, long-term care, liability, and property and casualty. We can also help you evaluate more advanced asset protection strategies through the proper titling of assets, beneficiary designations, and trusts.


Our advisors can guide you through a detailed process to determine how your investment in philanthropic endeavors can work with the rest of your financial plan. Our proprietary Philanthropy Portfolio® process is also available to help you define your vision and align your charitable giving objectives. We can help you allocate the resources you plan to give both over your lifetime and long-term legacy so you can fulfill your philanthropic goals.


Our goal is to make the estate and wealth transfer planning process clear and understandable and can work with your estate planning attorney to implement the essential financial, charitable, and estate planning tools.

We ask the key questions to help our families think through the various complexities of transferring wealth – from how much is enough for their children to how to successfully transfer wealth with second marriages. 


Placing assets in a trust can help keep them in your family for many generations. These assets often have a significant impact on your family's cash flow, tax and investment situations. Our advisors can work with trustees and beneficiaries to coordinate both the long-term investment strategy and the need for trust distributions. Our collaborative process provides you with the first-class client service you deserve as a beneficiary or trustee of these important assets.


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