Brightworth Update September 2020

Update September 2020  

Should I invest in Technology Stocks?

They’re back!!

It may be hard to believe but unfettered excitement over investing in technology stocks has returned with a vengeance. It feels like a lifetime ago – actually, barely five months – when fear swept through the financial markets as the Covid-19 global pandemic sent the world economy into an abyss. Entire economies were effectively shut down with ramifications as uncertain as predicting the weather. Panic ensued, causing some investors to sell everything and wait out what they believed would be the worst financial crisis in more than a century. Fast forward to today and fear has been replaced with unbridled optimism over revolutionary changes to various industries that will benefit technology companies for years to come. Given this near-certainty surrounding the new direction the global economy is headed, loading up on technology stocks seems like a “no brainer” investment strategy to many. While we would agree the opportunities are vast, selecting investments within the sector is a bit more complicated.

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The Coca-Cola Voluntary Separation Program

If you elected the Voluntary Separation Program and have questions about your financial future, visit this link to view our white paper and contact us.  

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buying a home

Here are Tips to Buy That Home Without Wrecking Your Finances

Are you considering buying a new home this year? Read these tips from wealth advisors Patricia Sklar and Bud Boland to help you prepare your finances and avoid a costly mistake.

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zoom meeting

Get the Most from a Zoom Meeting With Your Financial Advisor

Done right, virtual financial planning meetings can be just as productive (or even more so!) than in-person ones.

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Three Questions Every Business Owner Must Answer

Business owners spend years, possibly decades, pouring their heart, soul, and much of their wealth into making their business successful. Unfortunately, most business owners haven’t spent much time planning to capture the value they’ve created. That is, they probably don’t know how they’re going to sell their business.


Retiring Well: The Blocking and Tackling of Retirement Planning

Back in the glory days of high school and college, I was fortunate to play football. As anyone who has played the sport will tell you, you eventually have a bad stretch of play. Things aren't clicking, and your team is struggling. It's usually about that time that your coach has the "back to basics" practice.

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