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May 3, 2022
Atlanta, NC


Relationship Managers work closely with Wealth Advisors to build and nurture strong relationships with our clients. They provide personalized service to our clients by managing the day-to-day administrative needs of their accounts.   

Please submit your resume to for review. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Relationship Manager works with the Atlanta team to provide top-notch service to our clients. The ideal candidate will possess the capacity to do the following:


  • Handle or facilitate all client requests in a professional and timely manner.
  • Processing requests for distribution of funds
  • Preparing any necessary paperwork and obtaining signatures
  • Communicate with custodians regarding issues
  • Assisting Advisors in various meeting prep items
  • Lead clients through the onboarding process
  • Preparing new account paperwork and supplemental documents
  • Communicating with all parties regularly to keep everyone informed
  • Monitor and manage workflow to ensure correct and timely processing
  • Prepare and deliver necessary paperwork for client account maintenance.
  • Address change
  • Beneficiary / Registration changes
  • Establish standing instructions for money movement
  • Establish and maintain regular contact with clients
  • Joining Advisor for periodic client meetings (in office and offsite)
  • Greeting clients for in-office meetings
  • Ensure proper procedures are followed in order to maintain compliance
  • Maintain knowledge of current policy and procedure for Brightworth
  • Maintain knowledge of current policy with our custodians
  • Engage with other teams across the firm to serve the client
  • Handle various other service-related items in a timely manner
  • Effectively utilize CRM to maintain records and notes in an accurate and current manner
  • Meet and work closely with Advisors in order to assist clients
  • Scan all required documents into LaserFiche for archiving
  • Assist with training of other team members and new hires.


  • Prepare & Save Contract
  • Prepare & Save IPSs
  • Prepare Application(s)
  • Prepare Money Movement Forms- RM can move funds without any oversight however they must inform the Advisor. The Advisor may be consulted to confirm where the funds should be pulled from
  • Prepare TOA(s)
  • Prepare E Consent
  • Prepare CPA Authorization
  • Prepare Cover Letter w/ Details of PPWK for Client
  • Upload to BW Vault; Custodial Site for E Sig; Mail, Overnight
  • Laserfiche
  • Add New Accounts to CRM
  • Qualify Leads to Accounts
  • Input Household Data; Service Offerings; BW#; Address
  • Input Primary/ Secondary Contact Info (DOB, SSN; Email Address
  • Notify EA for New Client Gift
  • Use of Technology for paperwork when available
  • Attend Client Meetings
  • Review Custodial Alerts
  • Review Emails for Action items
  • Check Advisor View for Transaction History
  • Check Status Pending Service Requests
  • Notify Advisors of Completed Requests
  • Send Trade Request to Investment Operations as needed 
  • Notify Clients of Completed Requests
  • Beneficiary Updates
  • Address Changes
  • Portfolio Updates
  • RMD Distributions
  • IPS Updates 
  • 401k/ IRA Rollover Phone Call 
  • Opening Additional Accts for Existing Clients 
  • Document All action taken on clients: Note phone calls, completed tasks
  • Charitable Contributions
  • Charitable Gifting 
  • Practice Area Leader Requests 
  • 529 Applications- These are generally run through the Advisor first but the RM can act independently if a client went directly to an RM. 
  • TOD Updates 
  • Brightworth Fee Payments 
  • Calls with Clients 
  • Wires
  • EFTs
  • Journals
  • Check Request
  • Incoming / Outgoing TOAs
  • Track Cost Basis
  • Check Deposits 
  • Have Wealth Advisor notify Brightworth employees by email
  • Update CRM to show client Deceased add DOD in Alert Bar
  • Update Primary / Secondary Contact as needed
  • Stop outgoing distributions 
  • Request Final Fees to be taken
  • Meet w/WA and Planner on Estate Plan and Flow Charts 
  • Make RMD has been satisfied 
  • Get an updated copy of IRA Beneficiary Designations 
  • Step Up Cost Basis 
  • Request Copy of DC and Letters of Testamentary 
  • Proceed with new accts as outlined in Estate Plan 
  • Attend Client Meetings 
  • Notify Planner to terminate BV access
  • Let Trading know to calculate the final fee or refund
  • Prepare termination paperwork
  • IMA terminated letter to client
  • Internal terminated client form
  • Delink from accounts
  • Update CRM and make client inactive  
  • Move all client folders to inactive
  • Provide Compliance with copies of letter and final bill
  • Scan to Laserfiche 
  • Training 
  • Sign birthday cards 
  • Attend team meetings 
  • Attend staff events 


Required education and experience

  • 5+ years previous investment advisor or brokerage sales assistant experience required 

Preferred education and experience

  • Ability to efficiently manage time and capacity while in a fast-paced environment
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • A high level of multi-tasking and attention to detail
  • Enjoys problem-solving and researching account-related issues

Supervisory responsibilities

Physical demand

  • Sitting for long periods of time.  

Travel required

  • Occasional travel for client meetings
  • Occasional travel to other offices


Brightworth's Mission Statement is "Empowering you to focus on what matters most." How do we do this? Through servant leadership, intentional engagement, and building trust.

Brightworth is committed to a culture of commitment to our people and our clients. We believe in mutual respect and being life-long learners.


Working with us means being part of empowering our clients to focus on what matters most.