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Your Retirement and Your Family

Saving for retirement, putting kids through college, paying off the mortgage, keeping up with monthly bills – will there be enough money for us when we want to retire? How do we make sure we don’t outlive our money? If something happens to me now, can my family carry on without my income? When faced with many complex options, delegating to experts can help you maximize your wealth while minimizing risks.

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Our experts work with you to design and implement strategies to wisely manage wealth, so you can face your financial future with confidence.

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The team at Brightworth has decades of experience helping busy corporate professionals and executives navigate the complexities of their company compensation and benefits plans. We work hard to understand what is important to you, and how to map the complexities you face with meeting your financial and life goals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hire you to just do a financial plan for me, and not manage my investments?

Financial planning is a lifelong process. It is also the first step to building a comprehensive strategy. We believe all areas of a client’s current financial life and future goals should be analyzed before financial planning recommendations are presented. Investments are the economic engine to achieve your goals, and we coordinate our client’s investment strategy to actively manage investment portfolios with the client’s comprehensive financial plan.

What is the process to get started?  

A wealth advisor will meet with you, including a virtual option, to discuss your financial questions, concerns, and goals. We will then establish a secure portal for you to share your current financial documents with us, which we need to analyze and develop your comprehensive financial plan. It usually takes a few weeks from initial engagement to the delivery of your financial plan. A virtual option also exists for this second meeting. 

How often will I hear from you?  

Regularly! The first year working together will include several calls, emails, and meetings (including virtual options) for us to understand your personal and financial situation, present our recommendations, and ensure action items are implemented. Ongoing we request to meet with our clients at least once a year to review your updated comprehensive financial strategy and investment performance. As tax laws change, market opportunities present themselves, or economic factors shift, we strive to proactively communicate with our clients. These communications include personalized advice for your situation in addition to global and economic commentary. You have a team of professionals at Brightworth ready to assist you including your wealth advisor, financial planner, and client service relationship manager.

What size clients do you work with?

We will help you build, grow, and protect your wealth to achieve your life’s goals. At Brightworth we desire to work with clients who seek a long-term advisory relationship. Our company is built for the long haul. If your liquid investment assets are under a $1 million managed portfolio size at this time, your wealth advisor will present a custom consulting fee arrangement to meet your needs and our service offerings.


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