Brightworth Update June 2020

Update June 2020  

Financial Market Update

Volatility is back! Last week the stock market suffered one of its worst declines in months leaving many investors questioning if the rally from the March lows has come to an end. Prior to this sharp drop stocks had been consistently marching higher and higher leaving many investors perplexed as to why. After all, consumer confidence remains low, corporate earnings are projected to collapse 30% or more in 2020, and unemployment is over 13%. Couple this with an escalation of geopolitical pressures abroad and racial tensions here at home and you seemingly have a perfect storm for financial market Armageddon. Admittedly, we did have a very encouraging employment report come out recently with 2.5 million jobs added in the month of May, but by no means does this suggest we are out of the woods yet. Thus, given the lingering economic concerns what could possibly be supporting stock prices near record highs? Enter the Federal Reserve.

We normally like to keep these updates void of too much economic theory, but to explain what is going on we are going to provide some context of what appears to be driving financial markets at the present time. While we are all aware of the economic difficulty so many Americans are currently facing, the response by the Federal Reserve has investors confident a prolonged downturn will not happen. David Rosenberg, of Rosenberg Research, summed it up perfectly in a recent research report to clients, “… statistically speaking, the correlation between the equity market, and the Fed balance sheet has now crossed above 90% over this interval (the stock market bottom until now), even greater than the already-intense relationship during the 2009-2013 era of ever-expansive QE (quantitative easing). The correlation between the S&P 500 and the real economy over this interval is close to zero.”

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10 Money Mistakes Millenials Should Avoid

Many millennial households are on their way to building substantial wealth. They are saving 20% or more of their paychecks, investing in 401(k) accounts, and keeping their debt levels low. But others, even those with good educations and solid careers, are making financial mistakes.

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Hiring in a Virtual Business Environment

Hiring in a virtual business environment is new territory for many of us. Whether your company is looking to pick up great talent, or you are the great talent looking for a new job, listen to powerful insights from three experts in the talent management space.

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The Impact of Delta's Early Retirement Package

Are you accepting an Enhanced Retirement Program or a Voluntary Opt-Out Program Offer from Delta? Follow the link below for timely, advisor-authored content on major career changes and the option of a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced wealth advisors.

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The "Ostrich Mentality": Helpful or Hurtful?

When it comes to your financial life, ignorance isn’t always bliss, especially when it leads to procrastination, avoiding hard decisions, and not accepting the limitations of your resources. Living in ignorance or denial is not a healthy, long-term posture for financial success.

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The Brightworth Business Transitions Academy

Learn how to prepare and sell your business during six academy sessions. New sessions start on July 22nd. Claim your seat now. 

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You Can Be Picky Before Accepting a Job Offer (yes even in a pandemic)

With skyrocketing unemployment rates due to Covid-19, many people are finding themselves searching for new job opportunities. Wealth Advisor Patricia Sklar shares her advice on determining which opportunities to go after.

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