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Running a business can be a lonely endeavor and many owners find it useful to have an advisor with whom they can share new ideas and concepts. 

The Brightworth coaching and mentoring program is designed to support smaller companies whose owners value an ongoing advisory relationship. This relationship aids owners with completing various tasks to build value and prepare the company for an eventual transition.  

The coaching and mentoring program is structured to replicate the 5-phase process and utilize the I.M.G.O.O.D. Checklist™ value driver foundation. The program utilizes a series of custom assessments to uncover weak areas and provide recommendations for improvement. 

Your mentor will help coach you as you implement these new initiatives and become your accountability partner in the process. 


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Brightworth helps you by understanding your ultimate goals for your business, family, philanthropy, and legacy. We then review options, create a clear strategy and plan to reach those goals, and partner with you over the long term in executing and monitoring the plan. Throughout this partnership, we can help you with a plan to get an optimized tax outcome, one that is customized to your objectives to include tax, charitable giving, and wealth transfer strategies as applicable. This lets you focus on what you’re best at, successfully managing your business and personal life.

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