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“What’s money if you can’t spend it?” Spending on grand experiences can be a wonderful gift, as long as you've properly planned. Brightworth’s Lisa Brown shares tips on how retirees can stop worrying, and just do it.

If so, now is the time to get their finances in order. They probably have financial questions that need timely answers, and this paper will address seven key areas that they'll need to be prepared for during a job transition period.

Do you know someone who has worked for The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) for the past 10 years? Given the long-term incentive stock and cash awards that are set to pay out in 2018, this could be their biggest income and tax year ever! 

Brightworth’s Lisa Brown spent hours sorting through documents and tracking down accounts. Read about her surprising discovery and decide if you should do some investigating, too.

Investors always ask “How much should I own in stocks?” Brightworth’s Lisa Brown shares tips with CNBC on making your decisions with a look at your age and retirement scenario.

After benefiting from an inheritance or a windfall, it’s important to delay any major decisions and develop a long-term game plan first.

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