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After benefiting from an inheritance or a windfall, it’s important to delay any major decisions and develop a long-term game plan first.

Last year was a great year for stocks and bonds with extraordinarily low volatility and strong returns.  Halfway through 2018, it has been a much more muted investment environment.

Brightworth was named one of Financial Times’ top 300 registered investment advisers for 2018. This year marks the first time that Atlanta was home to the most FT 300 advisers, with 14.

Brightworth’s Lisa Brown talks with Atlanta’s Fox 5 about planning for that time when we can't manage our own health care, our own finances or our estate after we pass.

In between naps, feedings and burpings, Jason Cross has five things you should do when you bring home your bundle of joy.

You need a backup. Brightworth’s Lisa Brown shares the five steps you should take to help that person be ready in case something does happen.

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