Brightworth Update May 2021

The May 2021 Update

Will rising interest rates sink my bond investments? (Part 2)

Last month we began the discussion on how a change in interest rates will affect your bond investments. The most important takeaway from this was to recognize why interest rates are changing. In the previous article, we discussed the return of different types of bonds in 2020 and early 2021 as we went through the fear and recovery phases of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Is Your Financial Plan Flexible Enough?

As your life changes, your financial plan may change too. And that’s okay.

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microsoft store

Information for Employees of Microsoft

The experts at Brightworth can help you understand the "ins and outs" of your Microsoft compensation and benefits plans. 

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Worried About Your Child's Inheritance if They Divorce? A Trust Can Be Your Answer

You may love your son-in-law or daughter-in-law now, but that could change down the road. So, if you don’t want your money going to your kid’s future ex, here’s what you should do.

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Planning to Retire in 3 Years? Here's What Senior Level Executives Need to Do Now

From deferred compensation and stock options to backdoor Roths and long-term care insurance, there's a lot to think about before you get your gold watch.

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rocket launch

Motivating Management to Take Your Company to the Next Level

Growing up in Huntsville, Alabama (aka “The Rocket City”), in the 1970s and 80s, I was well aware of its importance in the golden age of America’s space program.

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Two Sides to Money

“Both sides are equally important and complex. . . but it’s the personal side that drives decision-making” – Susan Bradley 

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How Should You Invest Your 401(k) Now?

The experts at Brightworth discuss how to determine if your 401(k) investment strategy is in good shape. With the first quarter of 2021 behind us, is now the time to buy more stocks? Given historically low interest rates, does it make sense to invest in bonds? Listen to hear the answer to these questions and more.

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Divorce Later in Life? How to Prepare Legally and Financially

If you know someone over age 50 who is contemplating divorce, then this webinar could help you. Family law expert Steve Andrews and Brightworth’s finance expert Lisa Brown, present a 30-minute discussion for those who want to understand the legal and financial implications of “gray divorce”.

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taking stock podcast

Taking Stock Podcast: Going Global

An international work assignment is often seen as a big career boost. But has the remote work trend eliminated the need for "boots on the ground" overseas? Lisa meets with Lisa Burkard, Managing Director of Spectrum Group Consulting to discuss what's happening.

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