Business Owners & Entrepreneurs


Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
As a business owner, you have a unique understanding of how wealth is created by managing risk and return. Our Brightworth team offers high-level critical thinking and wealth counsel related to your business strategy. Whether you need help designing or refining your business strategy, brainstorming an idea, building best business and leadership practices, or identifying proactive opportunities, the Brightworth team brings a wide array of experience and skills. We will spend time learning about your vision for the company so we can help you accomplish your business goal. Once you are ready, our wealth advisors will also help you develop a plan to strategically position your business, ownership and other assets for the most effective transition or sale.

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Our Expert Advisors

Nathan Corbitt, CPA, CFA, CFP®
Wealth Advisor

Nathan’s experience as a tax advisor and keen understanding of investment strategy and economics allow him to provide individuals with a basic understanding of the most complex aspects of their financial lives.

Ray V. Padrón, CPA, CFP®, CIMA®
Managing Partner | Wealth Advisor

Ray has over 25 years of experience working through the complex wealth planning issues business owners, executives and retirees face. His expertise and experience brings a unique perspective regarding how his clients' wealth is built, preserved and deployed for greatest impact.

Annika Cushnie, CFP®, CIMA®
Partner | Wealth Advisor

Annika's decade of experience and passion for working with busy professionals and women make her uniquely positioned to help her clients reach their financial and lifetime goals.